30.06. – 02.07.17// Scharbeutz, Seebrücke // freier Eintritt

The Mercedes-Benz SUP World Cup Scharbeutz 2017!


Overall Pro                                        
1.) Fiona Wylde 2.) Olivia Piana 3.) Angela Jackson
1.) Connor Baxter 2.) Lincoln Dews 3.) Arthur Arutkin

Sprint-Distance Race Pro                                      
1.) Fiona Wylde  2.) Manca Notar  3.) Olivia Piana
1.) Lincoln Dews 2.) Arthur Arutkin 3.) Connor Baxter

Long-Distance Race Pros                                    
1.) Olivia Piana 2.) Fiona Wylde 3.) Yuka Sato
1.) Connor Baxter 2.) Capser Steinfath 3.) Arthur Arutkin

Long-Distance Races Eurotour                                  
1.) Olivia Piana 2.) Sonni Hönscheid 3.) Petronella Van Malsen
1.) Michael Booth 2.) Leonard Nika 3.) Mo Freitas

Long-Distance Races Jedermann                                     
1.) Julia Scheider  2.) Ariane Wittmann  3.) Illona Van Eyseren
1.) Stefan Iburg 2.) Dr. Bernd Appel 3.) Sebastian Graeber

“Everybody Races”

The SUP World Cup is not only made for pros. Amateur paddles can join the “Everybody Races” and fight for material prizes and glory. The amateurs will compete in the disciplines Sprint (500m) and Long Distance (10km) Register now

“SUP pure” is the motto of the Mercedes-Benz SUP World Cup! Regardless of trial courses, SUP yoga or SUP polo. Beside that you can borrow and try out the newest SUP material. And the best thing is: It is completely free for

After the sportive program, the Mercedes-Benz SUP World Cup will offer the visitors musical highlights in the evening. On Friday we will present our visitors the band Monobeach. The trio will play chillout and tropical house style. On Saturday, the stage belongs to DJ Elvin Addo

One of the world's greatest: Sonni at the Mercedes-Benz SUP World Cup 2016

The Mercedes-Benz SUP World Cup is part of the APP World Tour where the best paddlers will fight for world ranking points and prize money. They will compete in the disciplines Sprint Distance and Long Distance. This applies also to the paddler of the “Everybody Races”



Whether by car or by train – there isn’t just one way to come to the Mercedes-Benz SUP World Cup Scharbeutz. All importatn informations you will find here.

Beachlounge Scharbeutz Lübecker Bucht

Whether a hotel, appartement or camping site. Scharbeutz offers a lot of places to sleep near the event area. More informations you will find here.


How much does the entrance cost? What are the opening hours? Where can I find a place to sleep? The answers to all these questions you will find here

Luftaufnahme Seebrückenvorplatz Scharbeutz

Scharbeutz is located in the Lübecker Bucht at the Baltic Sea. The 6,5km long beach and the Baltic Sea offer great conditions for all kind of watersports. More information you will find here.

Stand Up Paddling

Stand Up Paddling is a perfect training for the whole body and can do regardless of age. The advantage this has is, that Stand Up Paddling is regardless of wind conditions and can do on nearly every water surface. Whether on sea, river or the ocean. Easy to learn is SUP the perfect  mass sports.
Sprint Distance

Sprint Distance is a race on a prepared track of 50, 100 and in our case of 500 meters.  A good start and perfect turning manoeuvres are the best conditions for a win. The SUPers give full speed over short distances, excitement is guaranteed.
Long Distance

It can be really dangerous for the athletes to spend too much energy from the beginning.  For a distance of 5 to 10 kilometers they have to save their strength. A good tactic is to use the swell of a wave. Depending on the wave conditions the athletes will start in Pelzerhaken and finish the race in Scharbeutz.

Highlight-Clip Mercedes-Benz SUP World Cup 2017